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unwind | restore | detoxify


Low on Magnesium ? Tired or cramping muscles ? Exhausted ? Just need some time out?

Help replenish your body with magnesium whilst you detoxify + enjoy the benefits. Enjoy being in the moment. Resting in a lovely relaxing bath, enjoy taking time out for you ( + maybe your beloved too ). Replenish an exhausted mind. Unwind + uplift your senses with the amazing benefits that an Epsom Bath can bring.

Available in 2 signature Pure essential oil blends

Lemongrass | Peppermint | Grapefruit  Coupled with Organic Calendula (no Calyx ) 

Lavender | Bergamot + Organic Rose petals.

Pour a few scoops of me into a warm running bath + relax for approx. 20 mins to get the most out of me Don't eat for an hour before + after enjoying time with me.
Remember to drink lots of water before + after using me in the bath to help detoxify your body.

I contain essential oils + sometimes they are not agreeable. So please ensure you seek medical advice prior to using me if you are on any medication or may be pregnant or breastfeeding.


Epsom Salts + Restore OR Unwind Essential oil Blends