ingredients | composition | care

I'm Made of...

100% Soy wax which is :

  •  Certified Vegan
  •  Certified free from GMO 
  •  Natural
  •  produced from sustainable materials
  •  Certified Not tested on animals 
  • A pure wick  
  • Made out of all natural fibres and contain no lead or other harmful metals. 


Scented with a high quality boutique line of cosmetic grade oils:

  • made in Australia
  • made to IFRA standards
  • are phthalate and nitro musk free
  • synthetic in substance, as they are not directly formulated from plant origin, however many fragrance oils do contain a high percentage of essential oil


I'm not scented with pure essential oils because...

  • generally fragrance oils work better in me as they are not fixed in composition, like an essential oil, + are fine-tuned for use in my soy wax
  • I throw a greater scent with the use of fragrance oils as the recommended amount of essential oil used in my production is minimal in comparison
  • most importantly, essential oils have a lower flash point, + in turn there may be a possibility I catch on fire
  • If you're really wanting nothing but essential oils as a scent basis, buy me in the form of a melt. As I have less chance of igniting where there is no direct source of ignition in the form of a burning wick


Care for me...

  • By trimming my wick to 1/4 cm before my first burn & snip my burnt tip before you light me thereafter. 


Let me...

  • Burn till I have a pool of liquid soy that reaches to the edge. I have a memory, so if you only burn my pool a little, that's how I'll keep burning for you....straight down that same tunnel! 
  • Try not to blow me out, instead dip my pure cotton wick into some wax & straighten me. That way I'll have a better chance of burning clean & not smoking next time


Enjoy me...

  • Wisely.
  • If you allow me to burn for too long, I can overheat & become a danger to touch. Remember, the smaller I am, the shorter my burn time should be.
  • stop me before I burn all the way to the bottom of the glass, remember to leave a little wax - its a safety precaution


Don’t leave me...

  • On my own | in a draft | around small children + pets, or forget to put me out when you go to bed or leave the house.
  • Don't burn me all the way to the bottom - leave at least 1/2cm of wax. This will make sure my vessel doesn't get too hot, & risk cracking or even worse, exploding.
  • & try to keep me away from direct sunlight if you'd like me to look my best.



  • I’m a natural | handcrafted | hand poured product.
  • I have no added ingredients like some other candles to make me look perfect so I may have a few varied finishes to my pour
  • This is what makes me more special. I’m the real deal.


Love me...

the right way & I’ll make sure your home smells real good for as long as possible & when I’m done & gone... reuse my home for something new… a vase, pen holder, plant a succulent & watch it grow... whatever you wish.