Clay Revival

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sensitive | mature | oily


I'm a gentle mask beneficial for sensitive | mature | normal | oily skin .

I'm made up of toning + humidifying properties which help me to hydrate your skin + minimise the look of wrinkles. Add to that, my ability to cleanse, exfoliate and reduce the appearance of any large pores you may have. I'm great at boosting circulation, firming + strengthening the skin alongside repairing  damage caused by too much sunshine.


Mix a teaspoon of me with distilled water to make a paste. Brush me all over your face avoiding your eyes + leave me dry for 10 -20 minutes. Wash me off with water + follow me up with some GYPSY Restorative facial oil or Repair + Nourish cream to moisturise your beautifully revived skin ! 

I contain Pure essential oils that are not always agreeable with everyone. So, If you have an existing medical condition, are taking medication, may be pregnant or breastfeeding, Check with your medical practitioner prior to using me. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Kaolin Clay | French Red Clay | Organic Rose petals | Essential Oils Of : Rose geranium | Clary Sage + Roman Chamomile