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soothe | nourish | protect


A perfect blend of Organic Ingredients & Pure antibacterial essential oils to keep your lips in great condition.
Available clear, or tinted with only natural ingredients, in a range of colours.
Don't just use it on your lips either!
The clear can be used to nourish dry skin anywhere on the body and the tinted colours....lips . eyes, cheeks.
For a firmer, solid lip colour. Fill the lips with a nude lip pencil then apply your chosen lip balm.

  • NATURAL   Your everyday lip nourishment
  • TINT #1     A subtle brown tint. Use it to gain a little extra highlight naturally
  • TINT #2    Copper glow. Awesome Summer bronze. A must on eyes + cheeks if you want that bronzed | natural look.
  • TINT #3    A cross between apricot + peach. Another cheek + eye must have. A Beautiful, peachy glow. so Natural!
  • TINT #4    Hot Pink. Awesome colour on those a touch more daring.
  • TINT #5    Pink . Just like Brigit Bardot loved.
  • VEGAN      Clear everyday lip nourishment. Pure plant based. Contains no Beeswax like our other lip balms


Im blended from Nut oils + Pure essential oils that are not always agreeable with everyone. So, If you have an existing medical condition, are taking medication, may be pregnant or breastfeeding, Check with your medical practitioner prior to using me. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Certified Organic Virgin cold pressed coconut oil | Certified Organic Australian Beeswax | Pure essential oils of Lemon + Lavender | May contain Natural colours pending shade chosen.

VEGAN : Certified Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil |Certified Organic Unrefined Fair Trade Shea Butter |  Candelilla Wax | May contain natural colours (Mica ) pending shade chosen